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I show you how fast you can heal with food alone and we all need to heal from fast food!



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The Power of Food to Help the Body to Heal

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Our programs help your kids in ways no other behavior modification does.

Learn powerful tools to help you quickly and easily prepare foods your kids will love, without spending hours on research and planning, so you can save time and money. See results in as little as a week!

In the daily deluge of options, studies, and claims about our food my philosophy is uncomplicated: the simplicity of food itself.

I am equally committed to the powerful simplicity of spiritual knowledge in the field of healing.

There is a profound connection between our bodies, minds, spirits, and simple, pure, well-made food.


Food Affects Behavior

This is not about complex recipes or fancy brands. This has nothing to do with the trendiest vegetable of the month or marinade of the week. Good food is just that, good food.

It’s simple. Good thoughts are just that, good.  Good spiritual practices (whatever the path) are just that, good and always moving toward more and more love, grace, and gratitude.

Science has proven that these three disciplines are directly connected with optimum well being.  Food has energy.  Energy feeds our body.

Real, organic, food prepared with love has lots more energy than a food artifact found in a box or can.  I think we all intuitively know this on some level.

This kind of eating is not a diet, it has no expiration date. It is a way of living in true connection with your highest power and your food. This is ultimately about your individual biochemistry and the best way for you to live the healthiest, happiest life possible. 

I do not count calories. I count how many colors are on your plate.  I count how connected you are to your highest power. I will be your guide, to help you on the journey to discovering how you want to nourish yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually.