A little Back to School Advice!

I’m very excited to be helping the Emersion School as their Nutritionist.  I have such a love for helping kids develop positive eating habits and for them to eat to fuel their little bodies for the right kinds of development.

Here is my first video with them!

GAPS Diet – 11 months later for Noelle

Noelle is a wonderful little girl who’s mom was committed to helping her get better and within 11 months on the GAPS diet, her tests turned out NORMAL and SHE’S THRIVING!




PERIOD BY-PASSING – a trademarked term by our guest, De’Nicea Hilton, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, certified in Oriental Reproductive Medicine, podcast host and speaker.   What we are missing in our society around our menses and fertility?  How do we prepare our daughters for womanhood?  Why are so many girls menstruating at age 8 or 9?


DIABETES TYPE 1 – An alternative view

Join Sarah and her intern, Jessica Tucker, who has dealt with Diabetes Type 1 since the age of 8.  Thirty years into this, she has learned that a steady blood glucose level of 83 is absolutely achievable if you follow the advice of Dr. Richard Bernstein.  Tune in!