% kids 3-17 have a diagnosed behavior problem

million children & teens are obese

have autism spectrum disorder (ASD) 

million kids diagnosed with ADHD to date

Nutritional Coaching


You’re busy, stressed, and burned out! It tough being a mom who cares deeply about their kids but feeding them is a challenge…

They’re being temperamental, chronically sick or out of control and you just want to get your sanity…and your sleep…back!

Fast Food Healing offers personalized support and coaching, guiding you step by step with our custom nutritional programs.


“It’s What You Don’t Know That’s Hurting You and Your Kids.”


This is a 12 week program for those struggling with weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, lousy eating habits, reflux, fatigue and allergies who are ready to cross the line and commit to feeling great all the time.


When you know your family will benefit from a reboot of their food choices AND it feels a bit overwhelming…this is your program.  Sarah gathers small groups of parents to be in this together for support.  Sarah meets with you and your family in your home initially for 2 hours.  She leaves you all with a plan of action.  Then you meet weekly via video as a group (max. 10 families per group) for an hour (that will be recorded) with Sarah answering questions and teaching. You will be part of a private FB group so you all can share all day long. This is a 6 month commitment as that’s what it takes to create new habits and hold them no matter what!


If you are being run by these conditions, I can help you with Amino Acid Therapy and nutrition.  We work together for 12 weeks and bring your symptoms to zero using only natural substances.  Often folks are able to get off prescription drugs with the help of this amazing therapy.


If you or your child is struggling with a more intense health issue like: an autoimmune condition (rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto’s, Crohn’s, Colitis, IBS, foggy brain) failure to thrive, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, autism spectrum, this is your program for healing. I have seen all of the above illnesses vanish or get remarkably better with food alone.  I can lead you on this journey to discover your body’s wisdom and in the end know which foods serve you and which don’t.  At this point, you will be in charge, not the illness.  Every person is different, so this will be your unique journey. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said, “All disease begins in the gut.”  By bringing the gut to health, the body and mind heal.


Want Sarah on your terms?  $150/hour.

Make Mealtime Easy…


You can quickly and easily prepare foods your kids will love, without spending hours on research and planning, as well as save time and money. See fast results!