Our Premium Maine Chaga Tea Chunks make tea preparation easy. These high-grade premium chunks are precise small cut by hand yielding greater surface area for more effective brewing and greater nutritional benefit. Chaga is a very hard mushroom that needs to be sawed or hammered; not advisable in a kitchen environment. Small cutting is already optimally done with our Maine Chaga Premium Tea Chunks. They come in a clear mold-resistant bag (as opposed to non-clear solid colored bags that create a dark environment for potential mold growth). Our chaga is 100% harvested in Maine USA and no part is harvested or produced in Canada, Russia or China to ensure strict USA standards of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). We harvest only from healthy Maine birch trees and follow sustainable harvesting practices. In fact, we are thrilled to report that our chaga is regenerating from previous harvests. That is great news for our Maine forests. Read our personal story on the web at My Berry Organics. Directions: Bring water to a simmer, remove from heat, drop in one chunk and steep up to 15 min. Water must be quite hot to infuse. Water color will range from very light to dark depending upon which chunk is used. Both colors offer all the nutritional benefits of chaga. By the crockpot: Heat 2 or 3 chunks on low for 12 hours or more for maximum nutritional extraction. Tea may be refrigerated for several days. Allow chunks to air dry between uses in low humidity area or store in refrigerator. No need for strainers or tea bags.

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About the product

  • Premium Pre-cubed chunks, Perfectly sized for tea, Eliminates need to hammer or saw to resize chunks
  • Slow-Dried To Prevent Mold, No Powdery Mess, Simple To Use, No Tea Bag or Strainer Needed, Caffeine Free
  • 100% Maine USA Harvested And No Part Harvested Or Packaged From Canada, Russia Or China, Never Cultivated
  • Chunks May Be Reused Several Times, Makes 30-50+ Cups,
  • All parts of the chaga mushroom have highly active ingredients, including the nutrient diverse orange inner mycelium and the black outer crust. At least 30% of each bag will contain some part of the important black