Eldoncard Blood Type Test (Complete Kit)

Air Sealed Envelope, Safety Lancet, Micropipette, Cleansing Swab


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A simple home test. Read the reviews on amazon, watch the video and it should be very easy!
This is the Eldoncard Blood Type test. – Sarah

Easy, Self-testing Blood Type Kit – Everything you need to discover your blood type and rhesus factor in the comfort of your own home – pain free.This affordable kit comes complete with everything you need, including instructions, finger lancet and alcohol prep, plastic applicator sticks and testing card. Performing the test is easy. After first cleaning with the supplied alcohol prep pad, the finger is lanced with the sterile disposable lancet. The hand is then turned downward and a drop of blood is placed on top of each of the four sticks. The sticks are then applied to the card, and stirred for two minutes. The results are then read from the card. Total time to results is less than six minutes. Single use blood typing kit (for educational purposes only).

About the product

  • Determine both ABO and Rh type
  • Results in 2 minutes
  • FDA Approved