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Ultimately, food represents love.

Begin with the organic, biodynamic farmer caring for bountiful vegetable gardens or raising animals with consciousness and care for the earth and its living beings.  The energetics and nutrition associated with both plants and animals raised in harmony with nature are always superior to commercially raised, pesticide ridden foods.

When I buy organic food, prepare it, cook it, then eat it, this is ultimately an act of self-love.

The act of eating can be a bite by bite choice of body, mind, and spirit renewal.

By learning what foods support my vibrant health, I move daily towards getting better and better.

My goal with my clients is to first help them experience the change they feel when eating organic, whole foods.  This is the first step of reclaiming body intelligence.  Then, I support them on the journey to discover their power foods and zapping foods.    Power foods bring them closer and closer to health.   Zapping foods pull them further and further away from health.  Everyone is different.

I work hard at understanding a person’s or family’s lifestyle and help them scheme solutions to this new lifestyle.  There’s always a way.  Food is always the first step, then I add supplements and testing, as needed.

My biggest joy is watching the children of the families I have coached begin to thrive and be the amazing beings their parents always knew they could be.

We live in a culture in which true nutrition is elusive, needs to be taught and needs community support.  I love guiding my clients into these networks so they can continue to become more vibrant every day.

Reclaim Your Body's Intelligence

Understanding the Healing Power of Food


Sarah Bingham, MS, CNS, LDN, began her career with a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Development from Tuft’s University. She ran a special needs pre-school and worked for several years with special needs children.  She went on to receive a Master’s Degree in Food Science and Nutrition from the University of Massachusetts. She is a Certified Nutrition Consultant, a Certified GAPS Practioner, and is a licensed dietitian in the state of Florida.

Sarah co-authored the book Food Allergies: A Self Help Guide, ran her own nutrition consulting practice for thirteen years in Lenox, MA, and was a regular guest on National Public Radio. She has worked as part of a team in several medical practices using a multi-faceted approach to heal conditions such as depression, anxiety, obesity, autoimmune disorders, learning disabilities, behavioral issues in children, and chronic fatigue.

Sarah has more than thirty-seven years experience helping clients throughout the country reach their desired level of wellness. She loves empowering parents to feed their children to health.  For all of her clients, lasting results involve terrific energy, a better immune system, better body size, more stamina and less anxiety.

Connect with Sarah

Along with her private practice, Sarah is a dynamic and passionate speaker who communicates with clarity, humor, and inspiration the simplicity of achieving wellness. She helps you devise a personalized program for you and/or your family. Sarah runs a virtual practice and will see you via video conference. Although Sarah doesn’t work with insurance companies, we can provide a Superbill for you to submit.

She can be reached at or 813-321-5303 or schedule a 15-minute discovery call HERE.

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