Feet stink?  Breath stink?  Need serious deodorant all the time?  Your body odor is mostly related to what you eat.

The word often used for a foul smelling body is “toxic”.  I prefer the word “acidic”.  We know that as the body gets more acidic, more disease sets in.  What foods make you more acidic?  Animal foods.  Meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products.

During the Vietnam War, the Vietnamese soldiers could always tell where the Americans were by their smell.  The Vietnamese eat mostly vegetables, so that have very little body odor.

As my diet has become more and more plant strong, I have been able to throw away my deodorant.  I just don’t seem to need it anymore, even when I work out. 

When stress hits, the body odor definitely changes.  I think this is primal as many creatures (think skunk) produce noxious smells when under attack.

Bad breath?  Almost invariably a digestive problem is the cause of bad breath unless you have diseased teeth or gums.  Dr. John A McDougall in his book, Digestive Tune-Up,