We’re Beating the Odds

Hi Sarah, Hope you are doing well!! I just wanted to take a minute and give you an update on our daughter. She has grown 2 inches in 2 1/2 months!! The most she has ever grown!! She has also just completed her first dance conventions of the year. This consists of 9-5...

Noticed a Difference

Hi Sarah, I hope you’re having a lovely day. Thanks for answering my last batch of questions. We are starting slowly but surely and already have noticed a difference in both physical and behavioral effects! All we have done differently so far is eliminate...

Radically Changed

I was just remembering that it has been a year In July since I met you. My life has been radically changed all for the better and I’m forever grateful for all you have taught me. I just wanted to say thanks again and I love and appreciate you. Wow. I’m so proud of how...

Dedicating to Healthier Life

I would like to thank you again for sharing your knowledge with us. We are dedicating ourselves to eating healthier for life. I made a wonderful and satisfying dinner tonight….no oil….no wheat. We really enjoyed it. Elisa S.

A New Way

I am so grateful for this new way of eating. The rhythm has set into a good pace. What a tremendous way to spend your life, you are helping others change their lives! Carol