Episode 001 – Introducing Sarah Bingham

On this inaugural episode of Snot Nosed Kids, Sarah Bingham shares her background in nutrition and her philosophy about feeding families -- and especially those with children -- good, wholesome, nutritious food without needing to spend hours and hours in the kitchen.

Episode 006 – Asthma

Here is a quick overview of what is needed to strengthen the body to overcome asthma.  Asthma does not need to be a life sentence!

Episode 008 – Essential Oils Part 1

What are essential oils? How long have they been around? What were they used for in the past? Listen is as Sarah explains the benefits of essential oils in this first of a four part series.

Episode 009 – Essential Oils Part 2

What you need to know about the quality of essential oils and how to determine a top grade oil.  How are essential oils made? Listen in and learn more about essential oils in this second episode of a four part series.

Episode 010 – Essential Oils Part 3

Safety issues with oils and how they can replace common, toxic chemicals. Learn about how to benefit from lavender, peppermint, and two blended oils, one for purification and one for supporting the immune and respiratory system.