The Ravages of Sugar

Meet Michael Collins, founder of and Board Chairman of the Food Addiction Institute.  He will be using words like addiction, ravages and behavior disorders, all of which pertain to adults and children who use sugar the way most Americans do.  The...


PERIOD BY-PASSING - a trademarked term by our guest, De'Nicea Hilton, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, certified in Oriental Reproductive Medicine, podcast host and speaker.   What we are missing in our society around our menses and fertility?  How do we prepare our...

The Power is in Your Hands

Cancer genes can be turned off and on by you? Dr. Rachel Haviland, a Ph.D. in science with years of cancer research, shares her experience as a researcher. What she learned and why she moved to promoting preventive and alternative health online is what you will find in this fast-paced interview.

DIABETES TYPE 1 – An alternative view

Join Sarah and her intern, Jessica Tucker, who has dealt with Diabetes Type 1 since the age of 8. Thirty years into this, she has learned that a steady blood glucose level of 83 is absolutely achievable if you follow the advice of Dr. Richard Bernstein. Tune in!

Mommy Reboot

We have created a culture of overwhelmed, overworked moms. Here’s the beginning of getting out of that rat race with our guest, Jody Agard, author of Mommy Reboot: A Busy Mom’s Guide to Self Care.

Episode 27: Energy Medicine

Energy medicine is as old as mankind. Dr. Prudhvi Karumanchi enlightens us on what energy medicine is, how it can help children and all the conditions it can heal!

Episode 26: Intermittent Fasting

Sarah interviews Kevin Harrington about his personal experience using fast as a way to heal and as a by-product, lose weight. Intermittent fasting has been clinically shown to reduce inflammation and heal the body in multiple ways.

Episode 25: Hypnosis: How It Can Change Your Life

Dr. Reshma Patel joins us to discuss the power of hypnosis in dealing with health and trauma issues for both children and adults. Pain, trauma, digestive issues, warts…all can be gone with hypnosis. Amazing!

Episode 024: EMF exposure – How our children are being zapped

Sarah interviews Dr. Elizabeth Plourde, who has been a scientific researcher as well as overcoming being highly sensitive to electromagnetic pulses.  You will learn what is happening quietly all around you and your children that is linked with cancer, autoimmune disease, brain disfunction and more.  This is a topic we all need to know more about.