My thoughts on the CoronaVirus

It is pretty easy to run around feeling scared of the flu right now. I’d like to use the analogy of a garden to explain why you should or should not be concerned. Our environment consists of trillions of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. This is an ecosystem that requires balance, not extremes.

Any organic farmer will tell you that the strength of the soil is echoed in the strength of the plant. Good, rich, nutritious soil creates disease-resistant plants. The same goes for people. If we eat good simple, whole, organic food, we are much more resistant to disease. I have seen this over and over with the children that I work with and their parents. When they first come to see me, they are sick all the time and have lots of physical issues and allergies. As they work with good food to heal their bodies, allergies disappear, their energy goes up, and they are absolutely not sick all the time, anymore.

If you read the news carefully, the people who are most susceptible to getting the flu of any kind are those who have an immune system that is compromised. Immune systems are automatically compromised if you are eating an average American diet. This coronavirus scare is a perfect opportunity to begin to turn your household around. The first most powerful step you can make is to stop eating white sugar and white flour. That alone creates a marked uptick in your immune system’s ability to fight off disease.

We know that eating white sugar depresses the immune system by 50% for about five hours after you’ve eaten it. Given that the average American eats around 22 teaspoons of sugar which have been folded into the processed food that they are eating, I would say that this is a good reason that disease can spread with such ease.

Frightening situations are always an opportunity for reassessment and change for the better.  Use this time to clear out your pantry and only bring in what strengthens and creates good health.