These are client’s experiences in their own words. 

We’re Beating the Odds

Hi Sarah, Hope you are doing well!! I just wanted to take a minute and give you an update on our daughter. She has grown 2 inches in 2 1/2 months!! The most she has ever grown!! She has also just completed her first dance conventions of the year. This consists of 9-5...

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Noticed a Difference

Hi Sarah, I hope you're having a lovely day. Thanks for answering my last batch of questions. We are starting slowly but surely and already have noticed a difference in both physical and behavioral effects! All we have done differently so far is eliminate refined...

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Radically Changed

I was just remembering that it has been a year In July since I met you. My life has been radically changed all for the better and I’m forever grateful for all you have taught me. I just wanted to say thanks again and I love and appreciate you. Wow. I’m so proud of how...

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Dedicating to Healthier Life

I would like to thank you again for sharing your knowledge with us. We are dedicating ourselves to eating healthier for life. I made a wonderful and satisfying dinner tonight....no oil....no wheat. We really enjoyed it. Elisa S.

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A New Way

I am so grateful for this new way of eating. The rhythm has set into a good pace. What a tremendous way to spend your life, you are helping others change their lives! Carol

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Lost 13 Lbs

Thanks, Sarah. Always good to hear from you. I am still doing well. Eating no problem....my issue remains Diet Coke. I am working on it, and drinking lots of water. I do have lots of pain, so I'm hoping to ditch that bad habit and feel so much better! I have lost 13...

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Now Gluten Free!

I wanted to write you real quick to say thank you SO much for coming to speak to our group. Some members have already reached out to me to tell me they thought it was very informative and enjoyed your presentation. On a positive note - I have been gluten free since...

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Loved Sarah

Loved this and Love YOU!!! looking forward to a great year and cant wait to get back with our GAPS peeps and rock this first half with better health. You have been a huge blessing to me .. Hugs Courtney

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Thank you Ms Bingham, I really enjoyed the last meeting I was at. Both you and Dr James have such a deep level of understanding of nutrition and its effects on the body and mind. What both of you said added to what I have learned in the GAPS book. Tony...

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Lost 40 Lbs.

Sarah Bingham's knowledge of nutrition far surpass any medical professional. Through her guidance and support, I was able to make the changes I needed to improve my health and my family's health. Among other things, I lost over 40 pounds, got rid of eczema and I feel...

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Sarah is incredible. She's researched and taken people through every diet on the planet and has a really sane approach. She has a holistic, healthy approach to caring for her patients. She took me through GAPS and was my rock as I went through detox and wanted to just...

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Great Presentation

Hi Sarah, I just wanted to say great presentation this morning at the MGM. You sure do know how to keep people’s attention while making it fun and educational. I look forward to seeing you at future events. Regards, Tyler A.

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About Me

Sarah has more than thirty-five years experience counseling and lecturing on all aspects of nutrition and wellness throughout the country. She is a dynamic and passionate speaker who communicates with clarity, humor and inspiration the simplicity of achieving wellness.