Hilary Boynton is my hero.  There is no one doing more right now to educate kids and parents on how to truly nurture their bodies…and minds…and souls.  Watch this video and see if it brings tears to your eyes the way it does mine.
Our children have lost the innate taste for real food.  Any kind of processed foods diminishes our ability to really taste and enjoy what nature has provided us.  I treat four-year-olds with rheumatoid arthritis, seven-year-olds with Crohn’s disease, countless teens who are gaining weight, have no energy, depressed and can’t sleep.  About 99% of these ailments are due to what we are doing with our food system.  Period.
It is my hope to create an epidemic of wellness.  It can begin in the lunchroom of every school.  We just need enough angry parents to say “NO!” to the food they are feeding our kids and to turn to our beloved Lunch Lady for advice.
It’s really quite simple.  Simple food, delicious flavors, love, love, love.  It is the supreme act of self-love to feed yourself organic, locally raised food.  It is the ultimate act of self-preservation to feed your child this way, so they are not one of the children that get buried before their parents.  It’s that urgent.
Watch this wonderful woman in action (only 12 minutes).  She is such an inspiration!