Here are some great natural ideas.  This is an excellent quality elderberry syrup which is great for keeping the immune system strong!


From: Maia at Gimme the Good Stuff

Are you worried about the Coronavirus? I’m not yet overly concerned, but because I live in New York City, I’ll certainly be dealing with the virus’ repercussions in the coming weeks. (I’ve also got a husband who takes a subway to work in a hospital every day, so my risk is probably much more than yours is!)
Here are some tips on staying healthy right now, whether you’re worried about COVID-19 or just run-of-the-mill colds and flu.
1) Bathe your kids as soon as they get home from school. If we aren’t planning to leave the house in the evening, I’ll pop my kids in the shower and put their clothes in the wash as soon as they get home from school, rather than waiting until after dinner. We all know that schools are the germiest places ever, so I love to get my kids scrubbed and in clean pajamas as soon as possible once they get out of the cesspool that is the classroom. ( This is my favorite bubble bath, btw.)
2) Support your immune system with stuff that works. I’m not a big supplement person, but I believe a few key immune-boosters are worth taking, especially when we are in the midst of flu season. Elderberry syrup has been shown to r educe the duration of colds and flus, and may even be protective against complications from Coronaviruses. (Yes, this study was conducted on cells in a petri dish rather than in an animal, much less a human, and yes, it’s from a different strain of Coronavirus. Still, the fact that the Sambuca nigra fruit  compound protected these cells against the Coronavirus is promising, in my opinion. I also give my kids this vitamin D gummy every day. (Related: My thoughts on multivitamins.)
3) Pop a few pills. When you do get sick, consider a few natural remedies that really work.
4) Invest in a good air filter, which removes bacteria and viruses from the air. Mine are running 24/7 all winter, and when one of us gets sick, I like to think they help keep the rest of us well.
5) Use natural antibacterial spray and wipes if you can’t get to a place to wash your hands. I was totally that mom wiping down tray tables and armrests on our flight last week.
Stay sane,