This stuff is beyond delicious. It is loose when you are stirring it, but thickens in the refrigerator. YUM!


Canned coconut milk

Raw Honey

Raw Cacao powder

Get a can of organic coconut milk, pour the coconut milk into a mixing bowl without shaking the can. There will be some watery liquid around the edges. Pour that off as well as you can. Then take a whisk and beat in raw honey and raw cacao powder with a pinch of salt. Go slow and keep tasting to get the right mix of cacao and honey. Make sure it tastes good, then pour into custard bowls and refrigerate.

One can of coconut milk makes about 2 very full custard cups or 4 smaller portioned custard cups.

Here are two good brands of coconut milk. You can find both of these at most health food stores: